What Happens if Internet does not exist ?

Limited information access:  Without the internet, access to information would be much more limited and difficult to obtain.

No E-Commerce:  The internet is the backbone of e-commerce, without it online shopping and businesses would not exist.

Limited Connectivity: The internet enables us to connect with people all over the world, without it, our connections would be limited to our immediate physical surroundings.

No Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would not exist without the internet.

No online Entertainment: Online streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube and many others would not be accessible without the internet.

No Cloud Services: Cloud storage, computing and other services would not be available without the internet.

Limited Telecommuting: Many people work remotely using the internet, without it telecommuting would be difficult.

Lack of instant access to news and current events: The internet provides instant access to news and current events from around the world.

No Smart Gadgets: Smart devices such as smartphones, smart home devices, and other IoT devices rely on the internet to function.

No Online Transaction is Possible If there is no Internet exists, we are not able to transfer money digitally

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