What is Limitation of ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT, like other language models, is trained on a dataset of text which might contain bias. This can result in the model generating biased responses or perpetuating stereotypes.



ChatGPT is not able to reason or apply common sense in the way humans do. It can only generate responses based on the patterns it has learned from the training data, which may not be accurate or appropriate in all situations.

Lack of common sense:


ChatGPT is trained on a wide variety of text data, but it may not have specific domain-specific knowledge. This can limit its ability to generate accurate and appropriate responses in certain specialized areas.

Limited domain knowledge:


ChatGPT can struggle with understanding and generating text for inputs that are very different from the training data, such as rare words or phrases or new and emerging topics.

Difficulty with rare or unseen inputs:


ChatGPT's generation process is not transparent, this means that it is not possible to understand how the model arrived at its response and also it is not possible to control the output of the model, making it hard to ensure the model's output is safe or appropriate in some situations

Lack of control over generation:


ChatGPT is a large and complex model, which requires significant computational resources to run. This can be an issue for resource-constrained devices, such as mobile phones or embedded systems.

High computational resources:


ChatGPT is a deep neural network, so it is not easy to understand how it arrived at its responses. This can make it difficult to debug and improve the model.

Lack of explainability:


ChatGPT is trained on a large dataset of text and able to understand context, but in some cases, the context is not clear or it is not able to understand the context, which can lead to inappropriate responses.

Lack of understanding of context:


Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful tool for natural language understanding and generation, it is important to be aware of its limitations and to use it responsibly.

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