Top 7 Useful Gadgets for Teachers or Professor 

This gadget allows teachers to display and annotate physical documents, such as textbooks or handouts, on a screen for the entire class to see.

Document Camera


Allows teachers to display visual aids and presentations on a large screen, making it easier for the whole class to see and engage with the material.



These boards allow teachers to create and display digital content, such as diagrams and videos, and can also be used for interactive activities and quizzes.

Interactive whiteboard


For backup, storage, and sharing of large files, such as videos and audio recordings.

External hard drive


These can be used for language classes, to play audio recordings, or to provide a more immersive experience while watching videos.



These devices are essential for creating and delivering presentations, as well as managing classwork and communication with students.

Laptop or Desktop


It can be used for quick online research or to take pictures, videos, and audio recordings for class activities.

Smartphone or tablet


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