Top 7 Alexa Devices You Should Buy in 2023 

1. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon's Fire TV Cube is the best Alexa-enabled device for streaming. In fact, it has a new octa-core processor which makes it one of the best streaming devices on the market. In our testing, its superior speeds put it on par with the Roku Ultra (2020) and the Apple TV 4K (2021).

2. Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit

There are a lot of smart lights on the market that work with Alexa, but we think the best Alexa-enabled devices in this category are the Philips Hue Smart Lights. This is because Philips has the widest range of bulb types, and the Hue app gives you far more features with those lights than other companies.

3. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen)

The Amazon Echo Dot is the quintessential smart home device. It is a solid sounding smart speaker useful at a clear level, with a multi-functional LED display on its side that acts as an alarm clock. But it's also a cool gadget behind its cloth-filled exterior.

4. Wipro 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This simple looking plug is a smart plug. This is a good example of a smart home gadget. This is a very good Alexa smart gadget, after installing it in your home, you can operate any home appliances like charger, geyser, refrigerator, fan and bulb etc. smartly from anywhere.

5. Lifx Mini

When it comes to the best Alexa-enabled devices, Philips Hue lights are at the top, but you also need to set up a bridge to control them. The Lifx Mini Smart Bulb can connect directly to your Wi-Fi network, which can make setup very easy.

6. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Do you ever wake up at night trying to remember whether or not you locked the front door? It is one of the Alexa supporting devices, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can ease your worries.


LG C2 OLED TV ranks first in the list of TVs supporting Alexa. Not only is it the best OLED TV out there thanks to an impressive display panel, but a premium design, maximum versatility and a great smart TV platform all score high marks as well. 📷

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