Top 10 Unknown Facts about  World First iPhone

The iPhone was first announced by Steve Jobs in January 2007, and was released in June of that year.


The first iPhone was only available on the AT&T network in the United States, and it wasn't released internationally until later that year.


The first iPhone had a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and was powered by a 412 MHz ARM11 processor.


The iPhone did not have an App Store when it was first released, as it only included built-in apps and web apps.


The first iPhone did not have a physical keyboard, it only had a virtual keyboard on the screen.


It was not 3G enabled, it only supported EDGE (2G) data speeds


It was not equipped with a front-facing camera, which would become a standard feature on smartphones in the future


The first iPhone did not have a GPS receiver, which meant that location-based features like Maps required a Wi-Fi connection.


The first iPhone was also not water resistant, and was easily damaged by water.


The iPhone was not initially supported by third-party developers, as Apple did not release a software development kit (SDK) until March 2008.


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