Top 9 Technology Inventions That Changed the World 

The electric motor has greatly improved the efficiency and power of machines and equipment, allowing for the automation of many tasks and industries.


The Electric Motor

The radio has greatly changed the way people consume media and has been a major source of entertainment, information and communication.


The Radio

The electric generator has greatly improved the way we produce and distribute electricity, powering homes, businesses, and industries.


The Electric Generator

Satellites have greatly improved communication, navigation, and the ability to observe and study the Earth from space.


The Satellite

The airplane has made travel faster and more convenient, connecting people and businesses across the globe.


The Airplane

The automobile has greatly changed the way people travel and has had a major impact on the economy and society.


The Automobile

The television has transformed the way people consume media and has become a major source of entertainment and information.


The Television

The telephone has revolutionized the way people communicate with one another and has greatly increased the speed at which information can be shared.


The Telephone

The Internet has revolutionized communication and access to information, connecting people all over the world.


The Internet

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